Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The sweetness after the rain

After surviving a week of sickness, specifically buckets and cleaning, we are all better and no longer needed the buckets!  YEAH!    It was time for mommy to head back to the craft table and make a gift for my DD's friend.  I left it blank on the inside so the recipient can do as she desires with it.
This was made using the QuicKutz template called peppermint, part of the Santa'a workshop set.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade album

 My neighbour has blessed me with a variety of papers that I use for my childrens art work and various cutting projects.  My three year old likes to cut with mommy's fiskar "fancy edge" scissors.  So you can imagine how many pieces of paper I go through.

Today while looking for a project I came up with the idea to make an album.  I used glossy paper for the cover and base of the interior pages.  Then I layered the interior pages with paper.

Edges were punched for binding but I do not have a binder so I "sewed" the pages with ribbon and then tied each bind.

 The album did me proud as it lays flat when finished the construction phase.

"Nice" comments my husband, "now what are you going to put in it?"  Well if I knew that I would have completed that part too.  He doesn't understand that these creative things take time.  Sometimes more time then I have in a day!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Love of Family

I have been eyeing this brown daisy paper for weeks and wondering what to do with it.  As I started colouring my Magnolia brother and sister stamp I decided to turn it into a card.  Not certain if I will send it to my brother or not, but he was certainly in my thoughts and prayers as I made this card.